Prof. Vitelio Brustolin, PhD.

UFF – Institute of Strategic Studies – INEST


Exploring the relationship between Crypto AG and the CIA in the use of rigged encryption machines for espionage in Brazil

Comparative Analysis of Regulations for Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence in the United States and Brazil

Criteria for Defining War, Terrorism, and Guerrilla Warfare Based on Clausewitz’s Concepts of the Nature and Essence of War

Military Malthusianism and the Strategic Partnership in the FX-2 Program

Analysis of Offset Practices in Defense Contracts in Brazil / Análise das Práticas de Offset nos Contratos de Defesa no Brasil

Mapping of the Defense Industrial Base of Brazil / Mapeamento da Base Industrial de Defesa do Brasil

The Contribution of Universities and Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro in the Development of National Defense Technologies

Defense Industrial Base: The International Competitiveness of Brazilian Companies of Individual Equipment

An analysis of Defense Acquisition Practices in the United States and Brazil

Dimensions and executions of the Defense Budget of Brazil

Innovation and Development through National Defense in the USA and Brazil 

Opening the Black Box: The Challenge of the Transparency of the Military Expenses in Brazil

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