Professor João M. Meirelles, PhD

Escola de Engenharia
+55 -21-2629-5475/5516


Escola de Engenharia
Rua Passos da Pátria, 156 - Sala D425 - São Domingos Niterói - RJ - CEP 24210-240

Who Am I?

I am an Associate Professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense School of Engineering. I'm an Electronic Engineer and Artificial Intelligence Specialist since 1996. I Have a master degree in Robotics and a PhD degree in HPC/Neural Networks (High Performance Computing with Artificial Neural Networks) by NACAD-COPPE/UFRJ.
My main research and interest topics are: Artificial Intelligence Software and Hardware, AI Dedicated Chip Design and Neurosciences.
I have experience on autonomous aerial and underwater vehicles, GPS-Inertial navigation systems, Real Time Software Development (QNX) and Artificial Intelligence Systems development for many companies in Brazil.

Professional Qualification

  • Electronic Engineering with emphasis on Digital Systems Desing and Telecommunications - UFRJ, 1996.
  • Master Degree on Control, Automation and Robotics - COPPE/UFRJ, 2001.
  • PhD on HPC (High Performance Computing) - COPPE/UFRJ, 2008.
  • Marketing MBA - IBMEC, 2001.
  • Active Artificial Neural Network researcher with many articles published worldwide
  • Lattes Curriculum


  • Coordinator of the Telemetry and Cognitive Systems Laboratory (LaTelCo UFF), 2009 -
  • Brazilian Navy Engineering Corp Oficial (Lieutenant-Captain) at Brazilian Navy Research Institute (Inertial Navigation Group), 2003 to 2009.
  • Data and voice consultant for VIP clients on Embratel, 1999-2001.
  • Data and voice consultant for VIP clientes on Telemar, 1997-2001.