Prof. Matias del Hoyo

Departamento de Geometria / Instituto de Matemática e Estatística


POSTDOCS: I am supervising Cristian Camilo Cárdenas (2018-) and Eduardo Velasco Barreras (2019-).

PHD: I co-advised Mateus de Melo (IMPA) jointly with Henrique Bursztyn. In his thesis Mateus studied geodesics on differentiable stacks, his PhD defense was in May 2019. I am currently advising Juan Desimoni (UFF), he works on a simplicial approach to the theory of characteristic classes. I am also co-advising Dario Aza (UBA) jointly with Arturo Pianzola, he is studying holomorphic Poisson structures.

MASTER: I formerly advised Daniel Lopez (IMPA), who presented his Master Thesis in Apr 2017. We are currently writing a collaboration motivated by his thesis.

If you are interested in doing a PhD or a Master under my advise send me an email. We can discuss a bunch of ideas I have to work with, and eventually I can help looking for fellowships.
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