Refereed publications in journals and proceedings


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Other publications

  1. Aedes, Wolbachia and Dengue. (2014, with M. Alvim, C. Codeço, A. Iggidr, J. Koiller & G. Sallet)   
  2. Analysis of the dynamics of a class of models for vector-borne diseases with host circulation. (2013, with A. Iggidr & G. Sallet)   
  3. Onset of a vector borne disease due to human circulation—uniform, local and network reproduction ratios. (2013, with M. Alvim, A. Iggidr, J. Koiller, M.L.F. Penna & G. Sallet)   
  4. Evolutionary dynamics of collective action. In Advances in Artificial Life, MIT Press. (2011, with J.M. Pacheco, F.C. Santos & B. Skyrms)   
  5. Evaluation of optional cancellation contracts. Real Options: 14th annual conference. (2010, with L.E. Muller & J.P. Zubelli).   
  6. Real Option Pricing with Mean-Reverting Investment and Project Value. Real Options: 13th annual conference. (2009, with S. Jaimungal & J.P. Zubelli)   
  7. Investment deferment under fast mean reversion stochastic volatility.
    Real Options: 12th annual conference (2008, with J.P. Zubelli).   
  8. The continuous limit of the Moran process and the diffusion of mutant genes in infinite populations. (2006, with F.A.C.C.  Chalub)   

Submitted or in preparation

  1. Assessing Volatility and Model Risks in Optimal Execution. Submitted (with Y. Thamsten)
  2. From resistance to persistance: insights of a mathematical model on the indscriminate use of insecticide. Submitted (with H. Schechtman & D. Valle).
  3. Gradient flow formulations of discrete and continuous evolutionary models: a unifying perspective. Submitted (with F.A.C.C. Chalub, L. Monsaingeon & A.M. Ribeiro).
  4. On incipient vortex breakdown. Submitted (with S.J. Cowley).   
  5. Multiscale modeling in evolutionary dynamics. In preparation (with F.A.C.C. Chalub).
  6. Spiral-type vortex breakdown on a trailing vortex: a weakly nonlinear marginal instability? In preparation (with S.J. Cowley).
  7. Selective signal smoothing. In preparation (with J.B. Limaco & R. Teixeira)
  8. Quasi-Cylindrical flows. In preparation.
  9. Portfolio selection with random transaction costs. In preparation (with M. Nazareth).

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